Microsoft Access Recovery : Microsoft Access Repair Software

Kernel for Access is the best Microsoft Access Recovery software designed for different companies, academic institutions, corporate houses, and individuals who want to retrieve the desired information through execution of queries from the corrupt and damaged access database files after repairing. There are so many reasons that will make your access .mdb files corrupt or damaged. The reasons can be failure of data storage device, power failure, faulty networking device, abortion of write operation, sharing of database files by multiple users, etc. When these corrupt .mdb files are open to access the table data, it shows the error messages like:

  • Unexpected error 35012.
  • Invalid field data type.
  • Cannot open databasefilename.mdb. It may not be a database that your application recognizes or the        file may be corrupt.
  • Record(s) cannot be read; no read permissions onx.
  • Cannot open databasefilename.mdb. It may not be a database that your application recognizes or the        file may be corrupt.
  • Unrecognized Database Formatfilename.mdb.


Microsoft Access Recovery Software

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These errors cause inconsistencies in the .mdb file and the stored data cannot be accessed. Kernel for Access is a safe and 100% result oriented software, which recovers the complete database structure (if database structure is lost) and the table data from the .mdb files.

With an easy-to-use technique and attractive graphical user interface, our software can be used by any novice or skilled users.

Single file is repaired by the Microsoft Access Recovery software to ensure accurate and complete recovery of access database objects. Separate modes are provided in the software to recover the data classified according to the inbuilt recovery algorithm to repair access database files to recover .mdb file objects.

Standard Mode: Standard mode is used to repair the corrupt .mdb files in case of normal corruption and if the internal data structure is not lost.

Template Mode: Template mode is equipped with more powerful recovery algorithm to repair .mdb files whose internal database structure is lost due to major corruption caused to database files. This mode creates a backup copy of the database as a template for storing the lost database structure. It determines the layout of the provided database structure and then synchronizes both the databases to rebuild them to new usable database.

With Kernel for Access, repair .mdb files and recover all its components like table structure, table data, memo data, OLE data, table relationships, original date, time format, etc., without loss of originality in both the table data and structure.

Microsoft Access Recovery: Microsoft Access Repair Features

  • Corrupt and inaccessible access (.mdb) files are repaired.
  • Table structure with the existing table data are recovered.
  • Table relationships such as primary, foreign, unique, and candidate keys are recovered.
  • Original date and time format are recovered.
  • OLE and memo data are restored.
  • Featured with Live Update to always have an advanced version.
  • MDB files protected with password are also repairable with the same efficiency even if the password in          unknown to the user.
  • Displays the live preview of the recovered data before saving.
  • Auto number is restored.

Difference Between the Full and Demo Version

The demo version restricts users to save the recovered file items. Demo version allows you to view the recovered data of the repaired file. The demo version is only for knowing the recovery process of corrupt .mdb files while full version is fully featured software to save the recovered data.